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 heeeeey soul sister, yes I still listen to that come at me
 Posted: Oct 21 2013, 12:50 AM
Kaye. GMT+8.

hey, you!
Yeah, you over there!! Hey, beautiful people! I'm Kaye, one of the resident union elves running around LASS. It's super nice to meet you all <3 Firstly, can I just say haha. Yes, Kaye is actually my legit, rl name--I used to go by a ton of other aliases before but then I decided that I'd just go with my real name xD I felt like using it one day haha. Anyway, I'm in GMT+8 although I lurk around at really awkward times so you might just catch me online even if you're in a different timezone! I'm really weird and random, but I'll seriously talk about anything with you. <3

I'm in a loooot of fandoms, and it'd take forever to list them down, but here's a few c: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Flashpoint, Homeland, Superwholock, and Teen Wolf! I'm a total movie junkie and I will watch all the police procedurals/assassinations/terrorist themed series/movies ever. All of them.

Hmmm. I've been RPing for maybe four years? I started on PB, gradually moving to IF and then JCINK. I'm a big fan of multifandom and fantasy/sci roleplays, and I am almost always on a Harry Potter site xD um I guess I'm kind of a shy person and don't always talk all the time on cboxes buuut I love making friends c: I'm so excited to be a part of the LASS community, and I hope I get to meet you all soon, not just my fellow soleil teammates! c: ask for my aim and I'll probably give to you! c:
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