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 the questionnaire
clary fray
 Posted: Jul 21 2013, 08:49 PM
maisy. gmt.

the questionaire
In order to participate in team related fun, games, events and more you'll need to be sorted into one of our four teams (Jupiter, Soleil, Vesper and Phoenix.) And to be sorted into a team it's a really easy and fun process all you need to do is fill in a short questionaire and we'll sort you into a team!

all you need to do is post your own topic with the code below and wait for a member of staff to sort you into your team! Once a member of staff has sorted you, not only will you have a cool new colored name but you'll have access to the boards especially for your team and your thread will be moved! So good luck <3

topic title: username
topic description: timezone, alias

[b]out of the four options which is your favorite fruit[/b] a) cherries b) strawberries c) dragonfruit d) grapes [b]out of the options pick your favorite color[/b] a) green b) pink c) blue d) purple [b]which of these vacations would you most like[/b] a) skiing b) weekend away shopping c) partying all night long d) tanning at the beach [b]which music genre do you prefer[/b] a) pop/rock b) oldies (50's/60's/70's etc.) c) metal/rock d) indie [b]pick your favorite chocolate from the options[/b] a) hersheys b) cadburys c) lindt d) duffys [b]choose your preferred device from the options[/b] a) playbook b) laptop c) iPad d) desktop [b]choose your preferred roleplay genre from the options[/b] a) fantasy/creatures b) tv show/movie c) real life d) animals/ other
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