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credit for the security staff group (imperial moderators) goes to caution 2.0. we'd also like to thank jcink for being awesome and free. if you think something is missing from these credits, please contact an admin asap! we don't condone stealing here at lass, please contact an admin with any concerns you have regarding credits for your or other's resources.

oct 24 » We hope you guys are enjoying our first ever site event, if you haven't already check it out right here. We've added our final challenges for the event so be sure to involved to see if your team can defeat them all! The winners and prizes will be announced November 1st after Halloween!

oct 7 » Congratulations to our new staff members, Orion, Tany, Fei, Becky, Alice, Lulu, Sydney and our lovely coding moderator Sarah is our first ever global moderator! Congrats guys we love you all!

oct 7 » Happy Halloween! That's right guys Halloween is approaching and we have some fun activities for you guys to get involved with and a brand new skin to boot! Check out our exclusive Halloween event and we hope you guys like the new skin!

oct 4 » Our first staff search is officially over guys,our new staff team will be announced shortly!


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 about us
clary fray
 Posted: Aug 2 2013, 12:43 AM
maisy. gmt.

about us
Welcome to like a shooting star, if you're reading this you're probably wondering what we are all about. We are a brand new graphic and coding community which is designed to help you with your coding and graphic skills. We have our own university which will mean you can take classes in anything to with building your roleplaying skills as well as perfecting your graphic and coding skills too. We also have a huge challenge/contest and game aspect too because learning doesn't have to be all all work and no fun, we want you guys to have fun whilst learning new skills. If you're new we suggest adding your own introduction, adding a couple galleries and getting to know your fellow members and remember if you are stuck or confused about anything the staff is always here to help!
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