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skin, sidebar, header, forum descriptions & site codes coded exclusively by becky, with the toggle sidebar credit to kismet. all site graphics by sam.

credit for the security staff group (imperial moderators) goes to caution 2.0. we'd also like to thank jcink for being awesome and free. if you think something is missing from these credits, please contact an admin asap! we don't condone stealing here at lass, please contact an admin with any concerns you have regarding credits for your or other's resources.

oct 24 » We hope you guys are enjoying our first ever site event, if you haven't already check it out right here. We've added our final challenges for the event so be sure to involved to see if your team can defeat them all! The winners and prizes will be announced November 1st after Halloween!

oct 7 » Congratulations to our new staff members, Orion, Tany, Fei, Becky, Alice, Lulu, Sydney and our lovely coding moderator Sarah is our first ever global moderator! Congrats guys we love you all!

oct 7 » Happy Halloween! That's right guys Halloween is approaching and we have some fun activities for you guys to get involved with and a brand new skin to boot! Check out our exclusive Halloween event and we hope you guys like the new skin!

oct 4 » Our first staff search is officially over guys,our new staff team will be announced shortly!


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clary fray
 Posted: Nov 16 2013, 09:17 PM
maisy. gmt.

staff search

The holidays are fast approaching us and we hope you guys like our lovely winter skin which was made by team Vesper's very own Becky (darren criss.) and Sam (fleur delacour). We are once again looking to expand our staff team and we are adding a new addition to the staff and changing the union moderators slightly to make way for our new advertising moderators.

coding moderators - 2/3

    Our coding moderators will not only have a rich background with all things coding but have a nice gallery of their own and be able to help our members with coding help and requests, you'll be responsible for over seeing the entire coding section as well as supporting the other teams!
union moderators - 3
    Our lovely little union moderators are awesome guys, they basically are there to look after the members, so think of these guys as community/member moderators. Not only do they come up with some awesome games, contests and challenges but they are here to help you with any questions you might have or just general problems you might come across.
advertising moderators - 2/3
    The newest addition to the staff would be these wonderful little elves who look after the entire advertising section, not only do they make sure adverts are processed and cleaned out regularly but they also keep things nice and tidy and organized.
graphic moderators - 1/2
    Our graphic moderators will not only have a rich background with all things graphic related but will be able to help our members with graphic help and requests, you'll be responsible for over seeing the entire graphic section as well as supporting the other teams!
imperial moderators - 1/2
    Our awesome little security moderators will basically be over seeing the entire forum in a way because they are there to protect all of the artists and coders work, and obviously to make sure our members are following our site rules and that everything runs smoothly so activity is also important for these too!

if you would like to apply for a position just reply here or pm either myself or faye with the code below! We'll welcome all new staff to the site whether you have experience or not so if you'd like to join us why not apply! c:

[b]name/alias:[/b] [b]first 2 choices:[/b] which teams would you prefer to join? [b]experience:[/b] talk about what experiences you have in the areas you apply for. if you have links that's be great [b]examples:[/b] link us to sites you've run, sites you moderator on, graphics you've made or codes you've made. [b]challenges:[/b] please give us an example of 2 challenges if you're applying for UNION or IMPERIAL. Otherwise delete this. [b]your team:[/b] which team have you been sorted into? [b]about me:[/b] tell us what makes you so awesome! [b]please, pick me!:[/b] this is where you can really sell yourself and tell us why you'd like to join LASS as a staff member! [b]anything else:[/b] any closing comments?

xoxox your admins Maisy & Faye
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